Mother’s Day Series: Yes- Another Photo Holder

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I really didn’t know what I was going to end up making. All I know is I have about 4 empty tuna cans, a lot of clothespins, a couple of dowels, and craft sticks. I went on pinterest to see what I can make with clothespins and tuna cans, and most of them showed candle holders, or plant holders. Well, I’m not a green thumb according to experience. So a plant holder is out of the question. But, I still crafted them in a way that it looks like a plant holder.

Then I remembered, I have left over plant sorters – hmmm. Is this really going to be a plant holder? Nope. I decided to glue the pot inside the can, add plaster, stick the dowel, and waited for inspiration. Until this morning, when I decided to print a picture that took most of the background – I cut it down to size where it only focuses on my family. I decided to use what’s left of my craft sticks and made it into a frame.
Yes – I made another photo holder.



Easter Series – Part 4: Plaster Happy

I love baked goods – store bought that is. BUT I can’t resist the cute silicone molds and themed cookie cutters that are in the store. It all started with the Valentine ice trays from Target. So for Easter, I bought a few more molds to see what I can come with my favorite craft material….Plaster Of Paris.

diy easter ornament
Easter Bunny Ornament



1st up is my daughter’s bunny ornaments. each of us had 4 to just draw crazy faces. Can you guess which person drew which row?

diy easter decor
Spring Decor




2nd is a Spring decor inspired by the previous post. I wanted to make use of the silicone molds, and have the kids have something to do while I slave away in the kitchen.




diy photo holders
Photo Holders


Lastly, a photo holder. I used the cookie cutters as the base. Working on the last two projects, stay tuned….

Until then,