[2014] Year In Review

2014 was a roller coaster year for me. I started out good- I had planned out what DIY’s to make then went downhill mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If I made any resolutions or goals, rest assured – I didn’t fulfill them. I was planning on making a few new series for DIY, which I have put on hold and hoping the coming year will accomplish those. For some reason, inspiration was sucked out of me sometime right before the school year ended – the reason is for another blog if I decide to open up about it.

One good thing is that I did focus on refashions more this year, so I was still able to blog. Compiling all the images I took for my DIY’s, I’m contemplating on creating a new blog site for my refashions and maintain this blog for a seasonal DIY. That’s still up in the air.

For now, here’s my DIY’s for this year. I’m looking forward to a more crafty DIY year this coming 2015.


Until then,

Happy New Year


[2013] Year In Review

2013 Has been a good year in both on and off my blog. Although, I am battling some personal issues, both physically and financially – I think I did ok for the most part. This year, I ventured on doing refashions for my daughter, thinking and believing that I have a potential in this area. I had a lot of plans and ideas that did not make it to the crafting/sewing board. I also have had my share of “fails” in both areas. Let’s see if they happen in 2014.

I learned that maintaining both projects and the blog takes a lot of time. I do need to contemplate on how to manage being a mom, crafting, sewing, and blogging plus a full time job. Anyway, here’s a summary in pictures of my diy’s this year. Thank you for checking out my blog. Remember, I’m on facebook, and pinterest. I’m still trying to think if I want to merge my tumblr blog about my Korean dramas plus my DIY posts. We’ll see.

Until Then,

Happy New Year!

This year’s Refashion photos are here: https://diyoftheweek.wordpress.com/rinoas-refashion-closet-3/2013-2/
My son had one refashion, not sure if he’ll let me do more….

Valentine Series: Finale – Determined to make cupcakes

I think this craft was the most expensive, and time consuming of them all. What I thought was a simple thing, turned out to be a trial and error – mostly error.

Last Christmas, this is what I envisioned that my daughter will hand out to her class as a present. Thank goodness I simplified that craft! This year I made it a point to make the cupcakes that I had in mind.
Well – I made mistakes- tons! even at the last minute, I thought I wasn’t going to make it in the blog, but at the 11th hour, I pulled through. Still not what I had fully in mind, but close enough. There’s still Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to perfect these….
diy valentine cupcakes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until then,

Valentine Series: Part 3b – A Craft Of Her Own

diy valentine picture frame

My daughter made it a point to say that she only helped with the painting for Andy’s ornaments, but it was Andy’s idea….so while I have more than enough plaster left, I decided make a heart for her to paint on her own. I didn’t really decide what it should be until the last minute. I had a choice of paper weight, hanging wall decor. I ended up making it into a frame so that she could give it to her dad the next time he takes her for a weekend.

Valentine Series: Part 3a – A Craft Of His Own

Last Christmas, my son wanted to a project that didn’t pan out because of budget issues. He also said that he’d rather get presents with the money I would be spending on crafts. So this year, as soon as the Valentine stuff came, I bought the supplies one by one to make his craft. Rinoa helped with the painting too- she either loves family time, or crafts!

diy heart ornaments

Valentine Series: Part 1 – Replacing lost décor

diy heart wreath

Last summer, some kids decided to pull a prank and ransacked my already disorganized patio and took a couple of door decorations including the heart wreath. I didn’t make a big deal out of it since it was only a buck. This year, while browsing for stuff at Dollar Tree, the decorations are up, but I decided to “splurge” a little bit and make my own. This time, I’m boxing up properly and keeping it safe in my other patio when the holiday is over.

Craft stores are selling a simple tinsel heart decor for $6.99, and some metal decor for at least 11.99+tax and that’s at 40% off. I spent about $11.00 including tax, but, I feel a little bit more proud that I made it.