Patriotic Series: Part 2 – My old junk is my new treasure

I had this faded Dollar Tree Wreath.

I had left over garlands, and bought a new one and turned it into a new wreath.

Until then,

Easter Series – Part 1: Egging Around


I have collected these eggs back in 2010. For years it has been sitting in basket in my spare patio. Until this year, when I figured I could upcycle these into something else. When this series is in the planning stages, I knew that I would be needing a wreath at home.



After searching for inspirations, I saw this image.

Image Credit: Saving On The Essentials


diy easter wreath

diy easter wreath

Here is my first attempt at the wreath. It turned out to be too huge for my door, that it became a window decor. I ended up making 3 more….

diy easter wreathdiy easter wreath

diy easter topiary


I still have a lot left over, so I decided to make a topiary. Styrofoam balls are not in the budget since I missed a couple of days at work. Thanks to Tim Gunn @ Project Runway’s famous quote, I made it work.

Until Then,


Valentine Series: Part 1 – Replacing lost décor

diy heart wreath

Last summer, some kids decided to pull a prank and ransacked my already disorganized patio and took a couple of door decorations including the heart wreath. I didn’t make a big deal out of it since it was only a buck. This year, while browsing for stuff at Dollar Tree, the decorations are up, but I decided to “splurge” a little bit and make my own. This time, I’m boxing up properly and keeping it safe in my other patio when the holiday is over.

Craft stores are selling a simple tinsel heart decor for $6.99, and some metal decor for at least 11.99+tax and that’s at 40% off. I spent about $11.00 including tax, but, I feel a little bit more proud that I made it.