[2014] Refashion Series: 2fer Deals

No – not the Disneyland one. I’m talking about this long dress that she found @ Goodwill. I thought I could make her the long skirt she’s wanted, and maybe a tank dress.

Now she has 2 new outfits for the price of one dress. A long maxi skirt, and a tank dress. She’s one happy princess today. She’s been waiting for months for a long skirt.
refashion maxi skirt, refashion tank dress

Until then,
Keep your passion for refashion.


Refashion Series: Seasons change, Style choices changes too

Fall/Winter refashion isn’t something I planned on doing on a regular basis. Correction: I do plan on refashioning if needed then blogging about it during Spring/Summer. One morning last week, my princess expressed that she wants to stop wearing tights, and jeans—the entire season. Ooops. Most of her outfits are meant to be worn with tights. She has asked if there’s any dresses – long enough for her not to wear tights, and wear leg warmers instead. Because it’s my son’s birthday week last week, I promised her that this week, I’ll make her some long dresses. I procrastinated thinking I can get away with Veteran’s Day. Nope. Yesterday morning, I tried to to squeeze in a really cute skirt and tights….let’s just say that the princess turned into a pink ogre.

After sifting my closet of those unwanted dresses, I found this dress that I  wore twice.

I thought she would use this more than I do. This will do for now.

I rushed making this last night just for her to be able to wear something to school today. I’ll re-alter this skirt this weekend and make it more neater. I just need to fix the waist band and add a belt of some sort. She did say she wants those ruffles incorporated on the skirt somehow. The skirt twirls is what matters the most. LOL!

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Refashion Series: From Dress To Skirts

These are both size 3T dresses. She wore these up to when she was 4. She’s turning 7 next month.

Anyway, I made these skirts right after I made the Build A Bear dress. She wore one the same day, and one today. Sometimes it does help to run out of clean clothes, you’ll have to wear a skirt mommy made. I didn’t think she’d mind. She didn’t argue this morning when she was getting ready.
refashion skirtrefashion skirt

Until Then,

Keep your fashion for refashion!