Refashion Series: Rounding up 2013’s refashions.

2013 has been somewhat productive for me in terms of refashioning for my daughter. It has been more empowering for me than I imagined, even though I was dealt with a bout of the “I’m a loser for not being able to afford clothes for my children” mentality. My daughter has also received criticism from her schoolmates [really? in 2nd grade???], but her teachers, and the kids’ parents have re-encouraged her to be proud that mommy [yay!] can do such things. There is a couple of things that I didn’t get to blog about since I didn’t get a chance to take the after pictures of the refashion – it’s called running out of batteries, and faced with the option: battery or dinner money. Now that Summer has been long over, and my plan is to refashion during the season – I’m also over the withdrawal symptoms of my Korean drama addiction, that I’m just now posting back.

I present 2013’s Refashion Series – A total of 7 dresses, 2 shorts, 2 skirts, 2 tank tops, 1 romper, and 1 jacket.
Easter dress refashion

Stay tuned for more DIY’s and refashions coming real soon.


Refashion Series: Rompin’ Around

This piece took forever to make. And…..NO, it’s not because of my unwanted derailed summer plans – just in case anyone’s feelings gets offended by the previous sentence. I intentionally took my time for this piece, making sure that everything is where it should be, that, and I was waiting for that bit of inspiration/motivation to work on it. Lastly, I am feeling a bit more confident with my sewing abilities. My daughter hasn’t come home crying that she was made fun of by her outfit – so it’s still a green light for refashioning for her.

I was more inclined to finish this piece because for the first two days of school, my daughter wore two of the outfits I made her, even though I assured her that she has brand new clothes from her step-mom. She even told me that she can’t wait to wear the new romper as soon as it’s finished. I had wanted to make her more than one romper for the summer, but I can always make more for next year. At least for now, she can’t say I didn’t make one at all.

This are the before pieces. Her 3T dress, and a souvenir shirt from one of my son’s tae kwon do competitions when I was assisting coach. My client picked the pieces for her romper.

This is the after piece….taken at our local donut store during breakfast.
refashion romper

Out of all the refashions that I made, this is by far my favorite. Not the colors, but the piece itself. My princess already advised me on what she wants for the red shirt. Off to buy red thread

Until Then,
Keep your passion for refashion