Refashion Series: Stressed? Refashion something….

The last time I wore this was back in 2007. This was a size 3 top. I’m definitely not a size 3 anymore!
refashion tank top

I started cutting this down using one of my daughter’s tank top as a pattern this week. I had a tough day yesterday and I thought I could relieve the stress by sewing the parts together. She always couldn’t wait to wear it the next day.

Until Then,

Keep your passion for refashion


Refashion Series: Better Late Than Never

First, I apologize for not blogging on a regular basis this summer. My plan was to come up with a refashion at least every week. Well, I had an unexpected guest who can’t sit still inside the house, so I have to be outside ALL THE TIME. It took me 2 ½ weeks to come up with this top when it should’ve taken me at least an hour or so.

I don’t know if my princess likes it or she’s just too busy to really appreciate it.

Before: Size 5T

I updated the top by shirring for the first time. I shirred the back and the sides to tighten it a bit. It was an inch wide on both sides and I didn’t want to rip, and resew again.