Valentine Series: Part 3b – A Craft Of Her Own

diy valentine picture frame

My daughter made it a point to say that she only helped with the painting for Andy’s ornaments, but it was Andy’s idea….so while I have more than enough plaster left, I decided make a heart for her to paint on her own. I didn’t really decide what it should be until the last minute. I had a choice of paper weight, hanging wall decor. I ended up making it into a frame so that she could give it to her dad the next time he takes her for a weekend.


Valentine Series: Part 3a – A Craft Of His Own

Last Christmas, my son wanted to a project that didn’t pan out because of budget issues. He also said that he’d rather get presents with the money I would be spending on crafts. So this year, as soon as the Valentine stuff came, I bought the supplies one by one to make his craft. Rinoa helped with the painting too- she either loves family time, or crafts!

diy heart ornaments