Survival Series: Almost at the finish line

After paying rent. we are left with 38.00 till payday.

I haven’t updated after day 2 because my family was blessed with loving hearts who have us in mind and gave us food, and cash out of the goodness of their souls. My son enjoyed a lovely thanksgiving with his aunt and cousins which saved me a couple of meals.

We are almost at the finish line with a budget of $7.60 until Friday. But we still have that HUGE ham to cook and make meals out of. Their school lunches is covered. I only have to think of what to cook for dinner using ham.

Until then,
Survival is a DIY

Survival Series: Day 2 – A day without spending

I didn’t spend money today!

Breakfast: Each kid ate 1 of the raisin buns [the roommate ate my share…argh!]
Lunch: I raided my freezer and cooked 2 sets of sausage links + rice
Snacks: My daughter ate a pbj sandwich, my son had a bowl of cereal.
Dinner: Made a simple chicken meal. Chicken was in my freezer, almost finished the 5lb bag of potatoes that I bought a while ago at the 99c store.

Budget until 12/13/13 paycheck: $12.59

Tomorrow is tougher because the roommate that does not pay is home all day.

Until then,
Surviving is also a DIY

Survival Series: Day 1- What’s left after payday

Backstory: July 2012, after paying rent, I’m left with very little to last until the next payday. That’s pretty much when this DIY blog started since I couldn’t and wouldn’t buy my daughter a necklace from Macy’s. Oct 2012, I resorted to again agreeing for my ex [son’s dad] to become my roommate so my son can still have his room, and “have his dad back”. Things have been bearable, got out of the whole – until July 2013, when my roommate unexpectedly let his other son stay with us for the whole summer. I didn’t mind it at first, but what got me annoyed is that my roommate didn’t pay me extra for his stay. This kid has an OCD – he washes his clothes everyday. The thing is he just washed 3 items in the washer and dryer. That, the extra mouth to feed is adding up. Sept 2013, my roommate didn’t pay for October’s rent. Oct 2013, I didn’t get his share for Nov’ rent. I’m still paying of the electric bill that his other son accumulated, and I have no help. Sure – he gave me 10 here and 20 there and overdrew his account so he can gas up the car – but it just puts us both in the hole.

Here I am—-trying to make sense of where I did wrong. Even after my local church helped me. I got back up to 0.00 but because of my roommate not paying me anytime soon….I’m back to where I was last July. I can’t just pack and go – since my lease ends in May 2014. Until then, my kids and I – we have to suffer a little bit more.

So, this time, I’m starting a Survival series – our day to day way of life. I don’t know if this is more inspiring or embarrassing – but it has to be let out of my system. Before anyone can say apply for food stamps, or school lunches….my paycheck says I over qualify – been denied every year since 2010.

Friday 11/22/13, I got my paycheck, and with what’s left of my last check, taking the rent away, I’m down to 141.11. Minus the fee for the driver— 121.11. Budget till 12/06/13 check $9.31

Day 1: I spent $5.00 @ Dollar Tree. I bought an 8pack Raisin Buns, hotdog, rice, 5 pk noodles, and a loaf of bread.

For Dinner: I made hotdogs, eggs, noodles and rice. The eggs are from purchase – but that’s running low.

Balance left until 12/06/13 check: 115.11. Daily budget: $9.59

Until then,
Surviving is also a DIY