[2015] Valentine Series: Window Clings

For years, I’ve stayed away from buying window clings because I always thought that I won’t be able to save it when the holiday is over. Thankfully, inspiration came back and I realized that I can use window clings and save them-by using acetate sheets. Or clear covers.

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Trying Other Forms Of Art

Last year, Mr. A entered a competition and used melted crayon on a canvas. There was an extra canvas left over that I spray painted on and added stickers for my daughter to play with or leave it at that. Well, last night, I was missing her because she’s at her dad’s for the weekend after a minor car accident that happened. So to pass the time, I decided to play with the canvas and just went with it.I messed up with outlining her name so I had to paint the whole thing purple. Then I thought I could use some leopard stencils. I used sharpie markers for the stencil.

This is what she’s coming home to tonight.

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[2013] Last Minute Decorating

One of the bosses asked if we could decorate his office too. We happily obliged because we do have some left over ornaments, and garlands to hang. I only made one DIY out of a box lid, extra gift wrap, and a few more ornaments that didn’t get to hang on the garlands. My goal at this point, is to use all of the ornaments.
diy christmas wall decor

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[2013] Christmas Series: Making It Work

It’s fun to decorate at work especially when: 1. they don’t mind you’re the one decorating, and 2. you’re decorating with your boss and co-workers in your department. This year, I still wasn’t able to contribute by buying decorations. Good thing they purchased some last year and just didn’t get to use it. I still have some leftover pieces that I don’t want to tuck away, there’s left over ornaments as well. So, I made 2 vertical wall decor

left over Dollar Tree  garland + ornaments
diy christmas wall decor

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[2013] Christmas Series: A Work Of Art

Our department is pretty much decked up for the holidays….except me. WHY? because I wanted to create a ” mall window” style decor. So, I’m working on my wall – one section at a time. For now, all I could do without spending is using what I have. I have leftover wrapping paper, cardboard boxes that were from a box of statements, and $1.00 worth of bows from the 99c store.

I covered up the wall for now by using a photo editor…I’ll post the finished wall soon…..
diy wall decor

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Halloween Series/Dollar Series: Extra Halloween Decor

I made this right after I made the pumpkin wreath. I was still trying to move on from a Korean drama that I was watching, and silly me- started a new one not thinking that I’ll be sucked in too. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad that I didn’t have time to make any decor. So, I had an extra spiderweb wreath from last year with 3 glow in the dark spiders on. One afternoon, I was browsing at Party City and they have the BEWARE foam sign for 99c. I thought it would be cool to combine them together. This was meant to be hung where I took the picture – but I brought it at work and it stayed there. LOL

Halloween Series [2013]: It Starts With A Wreath

This is the second year that I’m working on DIY decor. I honestly didn’t think I’d come this far. This year, money has been really tight, and I don’t know how I came about making these projects. I guess buying the materials as they become available helps instead of buying them altogether.

Anyway, our department started decorating for Halloween, and I was inspired the last minute to come up with a wreath. As always, the materials were bought at Dollar Tree/99c Store. The left one is the one at work, the right is on my door.

diy halloween wreath

The materials are:
1 garland from last year
1 carvable pumpkin @ Dollar Tree
2 spider web wreath @ Dollar Tree
2 pvc bows @ 99c store
Total purchase $6.00+ tax

Until then,

Why buy when you can DIY?

Father’s Day DIY – Duct tape to save the day

Honestly, I had planned their DIY since Mother’s Day for their respective dads. However, the kids are having their own mood swings, and were not inspired to work indoors. They want to ride their bikes and stay out til dinner. So with literally 2 days to go. I had to think and revise their DIY’s down to 1.

I had the kids come up with the fastest DIY they have ever made.

My daughter’s present[s] to her dad is:

Picture Frame/Key Holder: made out of jumbo craft sticks, duct tape, and hooks from the 99c store. I will instruct her dad to place a picture.

My son’s present to his dad is:

Picture Frame/Key Holder: made out of wood frame from 99c frame @ Walmart, and hooks from the 99c store. Andy is working on a sketch portrait…

Until  then,

Spotlight Moment –

In light of Mother’s Day, I would like to take the moment and instead of “showcasing” my arts and crafts moments, and shine the spotlight at one of the reasons I celebrate this day. I’ve always wanted to try this form of art, but I know that I’m not that kind of artistic.

My son is a born artist. Just like his father, he can draw like a pro – and we encourage that. The only downside is that he only draws something that someone else drew before him….Pokemon, Super Mario, Power Rangers,….etc. I wanted him to try different forms of art, but he doesn’t fully understand. Anyway, last month, in one of the school newsletters that I read, and I usually just delete them! It said that they are having a School District Art Festival and that students in each school in the district, are welcome to participate, turn in a piece of poetry, or artwork that will be showcased [if chosen] at the actual event. Our school district has 15 schools, and each school will choose 3, one from each: 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, and 5th-6th, that will present their poetry or artwork in June.

I figured, that this is that moment, that I can show my son that art is not just pencil, paper, and crayons….that he can actually use crayons in a different way, that he can use something else other than paper. That he can draw something else other than Bowser, that art isn’t about DIY, or “making it work” At first, he didn’t get it, why I decided he would enter a competition without prize money, until he finished his entry.

He turned in his canvas this past Monday. I’m not sure how many students in the 5th and 6th grade turned in entries for selections. For me, it doesn’t matter if he’s not chosen. That wasn’t why I had him enter. The theme for the festival is TIME. This is my son’s interpretation. This is Andy’s melted crayon art.

melted crayon art

This is one of those moments why Mother’s Day is celebrated. That moment when your child worked on something small, and made something great.