[2016] Valentine Series: Meshing Around

Welcome Back!

Since last Christmas, I’ve been intrigued at the mesh wreaths I would find on Pinterest and stores. I’ve always wondered if they’re costly to make. After browsing around images, I came across one that shows the base form. But, with my budget, I can’t really go buy the form premade, so I’m making them with the next best thing I can find from either Dollar Tree or the 99c store. I’m also using mesh for the 1st time.

Below is now my new Valentine wreath for 2016. The picture tutorial is here. I hope you enjoy a little humor that I added to it.

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Back To Blogging – [2015] Year In Review

As I have mentioned in my other blog, I Am A Refashionista Mom, I went on an unplanned hiatus. It’s been 5 months since I last did a DIY, therefore the lack of posts. I just wasn’t able to keep up with the crafting [for the holidays] plan. Below is the few DIY’s I did for 2015. I wanted to use Recycling as a theme for my DIY’s the past year, but it didn’t pan out- so, I just went with crafting as needed, not wanted.

I look forward to 2016. My daughter had made plans for handing out Valentines, and there’s definitely a DIY in the works.

Duct tape covered notebook

Duct tape covered Pringels cans

Post card made out of foam sheets and tulle.

Making window clings re-usable by sticking them to acrylic sheet

Teacher Appreciation Week:
Flower bouquet, Pencil covered Pringles can, Picture Frame note.

Until then,

Happy DIY

[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 5

This is the final day for teacher appreciation week. Their instruction was to write a note to their teacher. I didn’t want a simple note or a greeting card. My daughter wrote her thank you note, and I just inserted it in a picture frame. The plan was to embellish the frame, but she fell asleep before I even took the frame out of the bag. I guess simplicity is beauty. Besides, there’s always next year.

Until then,

Happy DIY

[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 3

My daughter didn’t get to bring this to school today since our car broke down. But, she’ll bring it tomorrow. Anyway, she found this on pinterest [as usual] and wanted to see if I can recreate it.

How did I do?
DIY Pencil Vase

Day 4 will be posted on my refashion blog – students have to wear their teacher’s favorite color. Naturally, I’ll have to sew something.

Until then,
Happy DIY
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[2015] Valentine Series: DIY Valentine Postcards

My daughter wanted to make handmade valentines again this year, even though I was wiling to buy Ever After High valentines. We both came up with the idea of just making postcards and handing out chocolate with them. I think she wanted to make sure it’s as simple as possible since I’m still recovering from my traumatic work experience.

We had index cards handy, and out of the blue, my manager handed me foam sheets. I also found a $1.00 sticker book @ Micheal’s that has stickers that can pass for stamps. I also have tons of red tulle that I didn’t get to use last Christmas.

She hand wrote her message and I sewed a pouch in the back for the chocolate to go in. I sealed it so they won’t eat it at school. So far, it turned out the way she wanted it.

This marks the end of our Valentine Series. My daughter wants me to start planning for a St. Patrick’s outfit since I missed my target schedule on making her Valentine outfit. So, stay tuned.

diy valentine postcard

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Recycling Is A Craft

My daughter loves to eat Pringles. There came a week where I had about 5 laying around. I took 2 and wrapped them with duct tape even though I don’t really know what it’ll turn out to be.
Eventually, one became her hairbrush holder since she can’t seem to find them in the morning. The other one I brought to work as my pen holder.

I’ll figure out what to do with the other 3 once it’s wrapped too.

Until then,
Happy DIY
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Refashion Series: Decades Week – 60s Day

6/4/14 – I’m financially strapped and couldn’t buy the accessories at Party City. But, the point of having a DIY blog is to —-DIY!!! So, I went to Dollar Tree and bought the last t-shirts they have. I also bought back in 2012 a garment that I meant to turn into a dress for my daughter but just never got around to it. This is the best time to refashion this.

I used two blue shirts to make a fringe vest for my son.
diy fringe vest, t shirt vest
I used one yellow shirt for the fringe vest, and the nightwear for the skirt. She matched it with a tank top that she tie dyed last year.
diy fringe vest, tshirt vest, 60s skirt

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion.

Barbie Series: That Moment When Barbie Has More Shoes Than You

This is 2014 DIY. I decided to make this since I keep finding myself having to find the right or left shoe of Barbie. I was walking by at Dollar Tree during a lunch that I have my car, and found a pillbox and thought maybe it’ll fit Babie’s shoes. I tested it out. Went home, covered it with duct tape and it worked.

But Barbie has way more shoes than these. It just so happens that ALL of the dolls are wearing a pair, and these are just the ones without a doll. So off I went to Dollar Tree and got a few more. For now, I haven’t glued them together since I am planning to build a new dollhouse, I will incorporate these in there. That’s when I realized that she has way more shoes than I do.

Until Then,


Barbie Series: Barbie and Friends needs a home

My princess has a LOT of Barbie dolls, not counting Disney Dolls, and our new favorite-Ever After High Dolls. The ones feature in the picture is not even a quarter of what he REALLY has!!!.

I made this dollhouse for her birthday last September. Because I couldn’t find this dollhouse on Ebay anymore.
At the time, buying supplies from Home Depot is still out of the question. But a dollhouse is still needed. I contemplated, and looked around @ Goodwill for a bookcase, to surprisingly no luck. So – I bought about 5 foam boards at Dollar Tree and other Dollar Stores, and just started cutting and gluing pieces together. At the time I was building this, my intent was to make a duct tape dollhouse. After realizing that a section of the room takes exactly one roll and added up how much I would spend – that was scrapped, and I went back to using materials I already have at home. I finished the house right on time for her to come home from her dad’s. Let’s just say that this dollhouse topped her LEGOLAND weekend.

foam board dollhouse
The dining room walls are covered with duct tape. The floor was made using construction paper weaved together and the laminate roll from Dollar Tree.

The living room is covered with duct tape. The couch is made out of 2 dinner boxes from Dollar Tree wrapped in last year’s wrapping paper. The carpet is real. I scored a huge roll from the carpet guys when they are replacing the carpet from the neighboring unit.

The second floor is when I didn’t have funds for duct tape and used leftover scrapbook paper from our Mother’s Day Craft. I made a new closet from left over foam board and birthday tissue paper.

The third floor is my lazy way of finishing the house. I found pink foam boards at my local 97c store and used tissue paper for the walls.

I thought that this would’ve been broken by now, I decided to blog about it now because I’m planning to build dorm rooms for our – err- her latest Ever After High collection. This time, I’ll buy the Balsa Wood one block at a time.

Until then,


[2014] Valentine / Refashion Series: True Hearts Day

My daughter and I fell madly in love with the Ever After High dolls. Her favorite character is Raven Queen. My “rebel” princess has proclaimed that her new favorite colors are now purple and black. Not because those have been Mommy’s favorite colors for like — forever after, but because Raven Queen wears these colors. Well, Rebel R needs a True Hearts Day outfit, and it has to be all “Rebel-ish”.

For the shirt, instead of using fabric paint, she used a bleach pen on a black shirt

For the skirt, I used a lace top from the 99c store, and old shirt of mine, and a tutu skirt from Dollar tree. I didn’t get the ruffle effect I wanted, but she was happy with the outcome

I didn’t get the chance to make her headband, and jewelry. That’s for another crafting day.

Now she’s all set to go to school, to hand out her Valentines in her True Hearts Day outfit.

Raven Queen Inspired Outfit

This marks the end of our Valentine Series. Thank you for following, and don’t forget to pin images that you like.

Until then,

Happy Valentines Day and Keep Your Passion for Refashion!