Refashion Series: A Good Day To Wear DIY

Two weeks ago, I was working on my daughter’s beat up glitter shoes. I finally was able to buy the clear acrylic sealer today, in time for the 5pm Sunday.My daughter was able to tie dye a couple of shirts and was waiting for the right time to wear it. After the last post, I was inclined to make another refashion. My daughter couldn’t wait for Friday to wear her outfit.

The After pics…
I wanted to make a cullots type of short, instead of the traditional skort.
refashion glitter shoestie dye, refashion short

It’s a good day to wear DIY day.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!

Refashion Series: 2 in 1 Project.

This is my princess. She loves PINK. She also likes to pretend she’s a fashionista, hence the glasses without the lenses. One day, I bought a pair of PINK Dollar Tree Flip Flops. She won’t wear them as is.

I was thinking of making frill flip flops, but I thought that I needed to buy a template for the frills. I really did not have the $5.00+tax to do so. Thanks to YouTube, I found this video, that showed how you make your template. PERFECT.


Here’s my daughter’s newly refashioned flip flops. I made the frills from tulle that I bought sometime in 2012. I have construction paper to make a template. So I really didn’t spend anything but a buck.

diy flower frills diy flip flopDIY Flower Frill DIY flip flop

These shoes were re-made from the heart….


It was MLK weekend, my daughter saw these shoes @ GAP. I gasped at the whopping price of $29.95. It’s on sale online for $22.29 – but with shipping, it’ll be a little bit more…in stores, they DO NOT match online pricing.
Image Credit: GAP




DIY heart shoes

So, @ KMART, they have a shoe sale, I got a “will do for now” pair for @9.99 and a bag of jewels @ Oriental Trading for $7.25 [I have 98 more pcs to use!!!!]. Honestly, I forgot all about it, but I didn’t get to make it in time for Valentine’s. She has been wearing these for 2 weeks now and as usual telling everyone “My mommy made it”







Oh yeah…I eventually bought it from GAP and paid full price for it. She’s going to get it for Easter, and that heart jewel will be on many shoes until my princess is tired of “blinging’ her shoes.