Refashion Series: Build A Bear Edition

This was supposed to be posted in the same post last time. This is also an update to my last preview.

Basically, I had left over material that I couldn’t just throw away and so I decided to make the most of it and made Jewel a matching dress. Unfortunately, she had to wait until last Saturday to have a finished outfit. Obviously, I didn’t get to post until today.
refashioned dress

refashioned Build A Bear Outfit

Dollar Series: Build A Hanger

diy beaded hanger
Beaded Hanger

Spring break is over, and so I’m back into crafting. I really had no idea what to make, until I was sorting the clothes that I’m going to re-fashion so my daughter can have summer clothes, and me to post in the blog. Amongst the pile, I found a couple of my daughter’s Build A Bear outfits that she supposedly couldn’t find!. I couldn’t hang it because it doesn’t fit on a regular kids size hanger, and I’ve thrown out the baby hangers a long time ago. An idea hit me, a while back, while browsing at a different dollar store, they have these beaded hangers. I thought it was cute. So I decided to try it out if I can re-create it, for the outfits. Here’s the first try.
My daughter is sorting the rest of the beads, when she’s done, I’ll make a few more….
I only spent $1.00 for the beads @ Dollar Tree. It has 400 beads. I still have pipe cleaners left. I used a total of 4 pipe cleaners and 66 beads for this piece.

Beaded Hanger

Seems to me a closet is needed soon….

Until Then,