[2016] Valentine Series – Valentine Bookmarks

My daughter does not like repeats of what she had already handed out, and/or made before. She also doesn’t want to go all out since her classmates isn’t really as appreciative because they don’t understand the thought that came with crafting.

This year, she’s still handing out candy bags, but crafting a very simple bookmarks to go with her baggies.

Below are the finished product. The tutorial is here.

Until then,
HAPPY DIY and Happy Valentine’s Day, or Single Awareness Day

[2015] $2 Dollar Hula Skirt

This post will also be on my refashion blog: iamarefashionistamom.wordpress.com.
The reason this post is here is because I am not using other fabric materials to make this item.

My daughter told me that their 1st school assembly is on 8/17. She told me that I NEED to make her a hula skirt. When I asked why, it’s because it’s Hawaiian Day. I wasn’t prepared this year because their last Hawaiian Day was in 2013. I’ve been preparing for Pirate Day which has been the theme last couple of years. Anyway, without a car and a busy after school/work schedule, the only place I could go to was Dollar Tree – hoping to convince her to buy premade Hawaiian stuff. But, they ran out at my store. So I resorted to buying tablecloths. She chose green and yellow. I only used half of each to make one hula skirt.
DIY Hula Skirt
So, what do you think? Leave a comment below.

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Happy DIY
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[2015] Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 2

After a really long break from DIY and crafts, – my daughter encouraged me to DIY something for her for this week’s teacher appreciation week, and, I obliged. Day 1 was yesterday, I didn’t take a picture but we just made a simple “It’s All About My Teacher” poster. So – moving on to Day 2.
Day 2 – The students are supposed to bring their teacher flowers. Knowing me, my daughter knew that I wouldn’t just buy a bouquet of faux flowers and stick it in a vase for her to bring. She knew that I would go to 99c store and get at least 4 stems [4-6] rose buds/stem, and try to make something out of it. I have a 1 ½” styro foam ball and chopsticks on hand, plus green streamer, sand, and a box.
Naturally, I made a flower topiary. My daughter wants me to make another one for her. So a photo tutorial may or may not come up

DIY Flower Topiary

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Happy DIY
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Visit my new blog site: I Am A Refashionista Mom

So, I’ve decided to go ahead and split my blogs into 2. I’m moving my refashions to a new site, and keeping this site for more hands on, crafty DIYs. Please visit and follow my new blog: I am a Refashionista mom.


Stay tuned though, I’ll be posting my a couple more posts for Valentines.

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[2014] Year In Review

2014 was a roller coaster year for me. I started out good- I had planned out what DIY’s to make then went downhill mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. If I made any resolutions or goals, rest assured – I didn’t fulfill them. I was planning on making a few new series for DIY, which I have put on hold and hoping the coming year will accomplish those. For some reason, inspiration was sucked out of me sometime right before the school year ended – the reason is for another blog if I decide to open up about it.

One good thing is that I did focus on refashions more this year, so I was still able to blog. Compiling all the images I took for my DIY’s, I’m contemplating on creating a new blog site for my refashions and maintain this blog for a seasonal DIY. That’s still up in the air.

For now, here’s my DIY’s for this year. I’m looking forward to a more crafty DIY year this coming 2015.


Until then,

Happy New Year

[2013] Year In Review

2013 Has been a good year in both on and off my blog. Although, I am battling some personal issues, both physically and financially – I think I did ok for the most part. This year, I ventured on doing refashions for my daughter, thinking and believing that I have a potential in this area. I had a lot of plans and ideas that did not make it to the crafting/sewing board. I also have had my share of “fails” in both areas. Let’s see if they happen in 2014.

I learned that maintaining both projects and the blog takes a lot of time. I do need to contemplate on how to manage being a mom, crafting, sewing, and blogging plus a full time job. Anyway, here’s a summary in pictures of my diy’s this year. Thank you for checking out my blog. Remember, I’m on facebook, and pinterest. I’m still trying to think if I want to merge my tumblr blog about my Korean dramas plus my DIY posts. We’ll see.

Until Then,

Happy New Year!

This year’s Refashion photos are here: https://diyoftheweek.wordpress.com/rinoas-refashion-closet-3/2013-2/
My son had one refashion, not sure if he’ll let me do more….

Reality Series: Survival In Real Life

Most of you know by now, that my theme of DIY’s differ based on what needs to be done in my current living situation. I should’ve started this series last year, but because last year, I was the only one that made the “sacrifice” of skipping 2 meals and really cutting back on the whole eating thing….plus i survived, didn’t really make a deal out of it.

A little bit over a year later, I’m still in the same situation, this time much worse. So, instead of panicking on how to make things work, I’m going to use this blog to help me stay on track and focus on what needs to be done…feeding the kids on a budget until next payday.

Tomorrow is payday. But that check in it’s entirety will go to my rent. With what’s left on my prepaid card, + my check, i’m left with a budget of 9.00+/day until my next payday. For the curios ones, my paycheck tells the gov’t that i can’t qualify for food stamps or any other aid. My local church has helped me for quite sometime now, that I don’t want to ask again.

So here goes…with about $120.00 dollars until next payday, how will my kids and I survive? With the help of 99c store and Dollar Tree…we can come up with dinner, and their school lunches. Thanksgiving is out of the budget this year, so we’ll be eating normal meals….but we’re in survival mode

stay tuned.

A 2.97 + tax investment.

I am really serious about re-fashioning this my and my daughter’s old clothes into her “new” summer wardrobe. I found this last night while browsing around @ Walmart, when I saw it – it literally yelled my daughter’s name. This is her style. Most especially the bodice part. I’m hoping that I can start something this weekend. She’s coming home tonight so I can tweak the pattern to her size then get going.

Perfect timing too since they’re replacing an appliance in my bedroom patio, I need to clear all the boxes that are in there. Those boxes consists of clothes from way back when that never made it to the garage down below, or in the trunk of the car, or @ Goodwill. I can practice on those before working on the clothes that are from just the last season.

See you then.