On the next refashion series….updated 8/13/13

My guest will be going back home in the next couple of weeks. I’ve lined up what I wanted to work with for my daughter’s refashioned outfit. For now, I’ll just rip the seams, cut the patterns, then sew as soon as I get my home back. ….

Posted on 08/04/13:
refashioned dress
 Coming Soon

Posted on 08/13/13
 Coming Soon

Refashion Series: Better Late Than Never

First, I apologize for not blogging on a regular basis this summer. My plan was to come up with a refashion at least every week. Well, I had an unexpected guest who can’t sit still inside the house, so I have to be outside ALL THE TIME. It took me 2 ½ weeks to come up with this top when it should’ve taken me at least an hour or so.

I don’t know if my princess likes it or she’s just too busy to really appreciate it.

Before: Size 5T

I updated the top by shirring for the first time. I shirred the back and the sides to tighten it a bit. It was an inch wide on both sides and I didn’t want to rip, and resew again.

Refashion Series: A Good Day To Wear DIY

Two weeks ago, I was working on my daughter’s beat up glitter shoes. I finally was able to buy the clear acrylic sealer today, in time for the 5pm Sunday.My daughter was able to tie dye a couple of shirts and was waiting for the right time to wear it. After the last post, I was inclined to make another refashion. My daughter couldn’t wait for Friday to wear her outfit.

The After pics…
I wanted to make a cullots type of short, instead of the traditional skort.
refashion glitter shoestie dye, refashion short

It’s a good day to wear DIY day.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!

Refashion Series: The Birth of Refashion Fridays

Here’s the update from the last post. I finally had an hour to spare to finish putting these together. My daughter was so excited that she gave me the tightest hug. After that, she picked the next outgrown dress, and told me what she wants made out of it!

It’s almost back to school, so I figured, I should start combing through the suitcase, and bags of clothes and make something out of it and post it on Fridays. I’m going to have my daughter wear a refashioned outfit on a Friday, granted if I made an outfit by Thursday night.

I’m calling it Refashion Fridays.

Hopefully, I can start refashioning for me too. It’s just so much more fun and easier to make something for her.

dress refashion

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!

Refashion Series: Preview

Well, I did it. I am working on the re-fashion series. I wanted to start right when school was over, but better late than never. I must tell you – that like almost all of my post—-I wasn’t planning on this particular pieces to be refashioned first.
Last night, I was looking at this dress. This is from when my daughter is about 4-5 yrs old.  I didn’t even know why I saved it. It had stains all over. Today, my gut was telling me to just go for it. I found this shirt @ Walmart for $3.00, got myself a cutting board, seam ripper, and red thread. I’ve already cut the dress off, just needed to put it together.No- it won’t be done on time for the fireworks show tonight, but it’s a summer outfit none the less… I have to prepare for our picnic now. I’m posting the images as “insurance” that I follow through with this.

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!

Patriotic Series: Part 3 – Last minute inspiration

I bought a set [3pk] of leis for my son for their Wear Red, White, Blue Day @ school. Now, it’s just going to collect dust until their next event. I barely learned how to make flower frills and a thought hit me on the way home yesterday. I wonder if I can make frills with the leis.
It was simple to make. I used about 20 flowers to make one frill. I was able to put one on my daughter’s tophat, and I was able to make a pin for me. I still have about half of the lei left. If time permits, I might just make a headband, and add them to a flip flop or something.

4th of july diy tophat, patriotic tophat diy,flower frill diydiy flower frill, 4th of july flower frill pin, patriotic flower frill

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