Back To Blogging – [2015] Year In Review

As I have mentioned in my other blog, I Am A Refashionista Mom, I went on an unplanned hiatus. It’s been 5 months since I last did a DIY, therefore the lack of posts. I just wasn’t able to keep up with the crafting [for the holidays] plan. Below is the few DIY’s I did for 2015. I wanted to use Recycling as a theme for my DIY’s the past year, but it didn’t pan out- so, I just went with crafting as needed, not wanted.

I look forward to 2016. My daughter had made plans for handing out Valentines, and there’s definitely a DIY in the works.

Duct tape covered notebook

Duct tape covered Pringels cans

Post card made out of foam sheets and tulle.

Making window clings re-usable by sticking them to acrylic sheet

Teacher Appreciation Week:
Flower bouquet, Pencil covered Pringles can, Picture Frame note.

Until then,

Happy DIY

Barbie Series: That Moment When Barbie Has More Shoes Than You

This is 2014 DIY. I decided to make this since I keep finding myself having to find the right or left shoe of Barbie. I was walking by at Dollar Tree during a lunch that I have my car, and found a pillbox and thought maybe it’ll fit Babie’s shoes. I tested it out. Went home, covered it with duct tape and it worked.

But Barbie has way more shoes than these. It just so happens that ALL of the dolls are wearing a pair, and these are just the ones without a doll. So off I went to Dollar Tree and got a few more. For now, I haven’t glued them together since I am planning to build a new dollhouse, I will incorporate these in there. That’s when I realized that she has way more shoes than I do.

Until Then,


[2014] Valentine Series: A Case of Valentines

I thought last year’s valentine box will be re-used this year. I was wrong. LOL. In any case, I don’t have the time to come up with a really cool box, plus we’ve used this case as a holder for the crayon hearts anyway. I figured, with a little tissue paper, and left over hearts from last year’s craft, a new valentine’s box can be made.

diy valentines box

[2014] Refashion Series: Happy Pants

Taking a minor break from our Valentine series for this quick fix it post.

Backstory: Mr A once said that I only refashion for Ms R. True mostly because I have clothes that she can wear and it is not like he will wear a tutu skirt. So I took it as a challenge and accepted it last night.

Current situation: Mr A hates to change his jeans since forever. He will wear it until it is ripped. Sadly the time has come for him to wear those jeans in the closet. Turns out, he doesn’t like to wear them because they have no cargo pockets. I still have a box of jeans that he outgrew , and torn apart. He has found a pair of jeans that I would like him to wear. All I did was unstitched the pockets from the older jeans and sew onto the newer pair.

Viola!!! Challenge Accepted. Operation: Happy Pants….Accomplished
fixed jeans

Until then,

Keep your passion for refashion!

[2013] Christmas Series: Keeping Her Entertained

One day, while washing dishes, I heard this little voice saying “I have nothing to do”. Everything I offered her to do, the diva said “NO”. Until I asked if she wanted to “CRAFT”. With her eyes lit up, I thought of what was on hand for her to pass the hour I’m in the kitchen, and her big bro spending time on Minecraft.

So, I found a long string of beaded garlands that never made it during the Holidays.

I took the scissors out and cut it. Grabbed all of our pipe cleaners, and told her to string them into ornaments. That did the trick.

But here’s a couple of the ornaments, and I brought some to work.
diy christmas ornaments

Until then,


[2013] Christmas Series: Making It Work

It’s fun to decorate at work especially when: 1. they don’t mind you’re the one decorating, and 2. you’re decorating with your boss and co-workers in your department. This year, I still wasn’t able to contribute by buying decorations. Good thing they purchased some last year and just didn’t get to use it. I still have some leftover pieces that I don’t want to tuck away, there’s left over ornaments as well. So, I made 2 vertical wall decor

left over Dollar Tree  garland + ornaments
diy christmas wall decor

Until then,

[2013] Christmas Series: A Work Of Art

Our department is pretty much decked up for the holidays….except me. WHY? because I wanted to create a ” mall window” style decor. So, I’m working on my wall – one section at a time. For now, all I could do without spending is using what I have. I have leftover wrapping paper, cardboard boxes that were from a box of statements, and $1.00 worth of bows from the 99c store.

I covered up the wall for now by using a photo editor…I’ll post the finished wall soon…..
diy wall decor

Until then,


Keeping Up With Traditions/End of Halloween Series

2013 Pumpkins

We didn’t make any Halloween Plates this year because I didn’t get the chance to print the pictures, and I didn’t have money to buy the plates this year. I didn’t have enough plaster of paris to make our halloween ornaments. But, the important thing that I had to make was her costume which I manage to accomplish in time. That, and I didn’t think that my obsession with my Korean dramas will affect my real world. Lesson of the year is to better manage my time. LOL

Until next year.

Halloween Series: A Tree Of Our Own

I finally made a Halloween tree for home. I thought I wasn’t going to make it. I made this to place on top of our staircase so trick or treaters will know no one’s home and won’t go all the way to our balcony.

Made from the same tree branch as the Easter tree. Just painted it black, used a spam can as a base and added plaster of paris. I have left over wire garland not enough but it could always be embellished for next year.

Patriotic Series: Part 3 – Last minute inspiration

I bought a set [3pk] of leis for my son for their Wear Red, White, Blue Day @ school. Now, it’s just going to collect dust until their next event. I barely learned how to make flower frills and a thought hit me on the way home yesterday. I wonder if I can make frills with the leis.
It was simple to make. I used about 20 flowers to make one frill. I was able to put one on my daughter’s tophat, and I was able to make a pin for me. I still have about half of the lei left. If time permits, I might just make a headband, and add them to a flip flop or something.

4th of july diy tophat, patriotic tophat diy,flower frill diydiy flower frill, 4th of july flower frill pin, patriotic flower frill

Until Then,