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Status Update: Easter series

This month of February was/has been a little bit tough. The home front has been targeted by the flu, where each household member was hit one by one, and I was the last one to get it. I’m recovering at 60%.

The family will be working on our Easter series soon [Easter already?], and thankfully- there will be no class projects[goody bags] since they’ll be off for Spring Break.

In the meantime, I will be posting one or two more DIY’s that I have done, but for whatever reason, the picture was not taken, and therefore not blogged.

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St. Patrick’s Day Mini Series: Necklace

diy st. patrick's day necklace

I planned to make our themed crafts per holiday, but when I realized that St. Patrick’s and Easter fall on the same month, I made the decision to lose the lesser holiday [at least in my home]. Then my son saw a beaded necktie @ Jo Ann’s, made a point that it’s at 40% off, [can’t argue with that] yeah – I bought it. BUT, guilt seeped in that I didn’t get my daughter anything. So after thinking over and over what to get for her that she can wear to school on that day, I decided to just make her a necklace, but something that I really worked hard for….

I spent $1.49 for a yard of green tulle, $1.00 for the carnation, $1.00 for the purple necklace @ Dollar Tree, used left over jump rings from previous purchases, and chain….less than $4.00 total

She couldn’t wait until St. Patrick’s Day that she already wore it on the way to do an errand. I love it when she’s proud of me.

***UPDATE 3/1/2013***
I finally found an image for the source of inspiration for this craft. I saw this dress @ Target but I didn’t buy the dress because I knew that I wanted to make the necklace, and that my daughter already has a dress lined up for Easter.
But I wanted to still point out where this idea came from…
target dress

These shoes were re-made from the heart….


It was MLK weekend, my daughter saw these shoes @ GAP. I gasped at the whopping price of $29.95. It’s on sale online for $22.29 – but with shipping, it’ll be a little bit more…in stores, they DO NOT match online pricing.
Image Credit: GAP




DIY heart shoes

So, @ KMART, they have a shoe sale, I got a “will do for now” pair for @9.99 and a bag of jewels @ Oriental Trading for $7.25 [I have 98 more pcs to use!!!!]. Honestly, I forgot all about it, but I didn’t get to make it in time for Valentine’s. She has been wearing these for 2 weeks now and as usual telling everyone “My mommy made it”







Oh yeah…I eventually bought it from GAP and paid full price for it. She’s going to get it for Easter, and that heart jewel will be on many shoes until my princess is tired of “blinging’ her shoes.

Valentine Series: Finale – Determined to make cupcakes

I think this craft was the most expensive, and time consuming of them all. What I thought was a simple thing, turned out to be a trial and error – mostly error.

Last Christmas, this is what I envisioned that my daughter will hand out to her class as a present. Thank goodness I simplified that craft! This year I made it a point to make the cupcakes that I had in mind.
Well – I made mistakes- tons! even at the last minute, I thought I wasn’t going to make it in the blog, but at the 11th hour, I pulled through. Still not what I had fully in mind, but close enough. There’s still Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas to perfect these….
diy valentine cupcakes

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Until then,

Valentine Series: Part 4 – Ready To Wear

Doily Shirts!
diy doily shirt

Rinoa made her shirt – there’s another one that she already wore, I’ll update the post with a pic. But this one she’s wearing today

diy doily shirt








I made this one for me – you can tell I’m not into the whole red and pink thing.








This was a last minute project. I wanted her to have a new necklace….
diy valentine necklace
diy valentine headband

From a headband that she already has, and left over table scatter







This is actually the first doily shirt that Rinoa made. She happened to have worn the shirt even before I got the chance to take a pic. I remembered to finally take one after washing this a second time.

Valentine Series: Part 3b – A Craft Of Her Own

diy valentine picture frame

My daughter made it a point to say that she only helped with the painting for Andy’s ornaments, but it was Andy’s idea….so while I have more than enough plaster left, I decided make a heart for her to paint on her own. I didn’t really decide what it should be until the last minute. I had a choice of paper weight, hanging wall decor. I ended up making it into a frame so that she could give it to her dad the next time he takes her for a weekend.

Happy Birthday!!!

so exciting, after years of regretting leaving my old sewing machine behind during a move, i finally came to a point that i can’t live without one. here i am starting over with a basic one, re-honing my skills all the while saving up for a better sewing machine. i bought this as my bday present.
the build a bear dolls and Barbie must be sooooo excited that they’ll get new clothes soon. finally, the boxes in the garage and spare patio will finally be reopened so i can make something out of the clothes they’ve outgrown.

Valentine Series: Part 3a – A Craft Of His Own

Last Christmas, my son wanted to a project that didn’t pan out because of budget issues. He also said that he’d rather get presents with the money I would be spending on crafts. So this year, as soon as the Valentine stuff came, I bought the supplies one by one to make his craft. Rinoa helped with the painting too- she either loves family time, or crafts!

diy heart ornaments

Valentine Series: Part 2b – The Valentines needs a box

Valentines are made and just waiting for the 14th. But, they can’t stay on my dining table, or the living room floor, or wherever I transfer them until then. I also realized that Valentines will come home the same day, and I don’t want them scattered in her backpack. I remembered that during my daughter’s preschool year- their teachers gave us a family project to turn a shoebox into a Valentine’s box. It kind of gotten squished in the garage. I figured, we can just make a new and updated version. LOL- Andy didn’t want to make one

valentine's box diy

All that was needed:
Gift wrap: $1.00 @ Target
Shoe box: look in your closet!
Pipe cleaners

diy valentine's mailbox